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12-21-10 l Multiple projects mixed at Ambience Recording Studios
Gordon has been very busy lately, cementing his affiliation with Ambience Recording Studios in Germantown, Maryland. Since August, he has mixed four complete album projects at Ambience. The projects were produced and recorded by Ambience owner Josh Insell, who brough Gordon in to put his stamp on the mixes. The first was "Daydream at Midnight" by smooth jazz artist Lily Bee (, which was then mastered by Greg Calbi at Steling Sound. The pop/punk CD "Hullaballo" from Zodiac Records recording artists Scatterpoint ( came in September. Next was alt. country singer/songwriter Mindy Miller's debut album which was mixed in October and Novermber. And finally, amazing multi instrumentalist/singer songwriter Chris Compton's "That Ain't a Sin" which will be completed before years end.
07-31-10 l Gordon Davies has designed a new audio education program for aspiring recording engineers.

-Studio Recording (Tracking)


-Multitrack Live Remote Recording

-Audio Instruction
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Dubbed The Barbershop Recording Collective, this venture is a partnership with The Barbershop Recording Studios; a world class, SSL 9000K equiped facility in Hopatcong, NJ. Taught entirely in the studio over a period of eight weeks, this intensive workshop will cover all major fields of practical recording studio knowledge such as microphones, consoles, and signal processors. Two full weeks will be devoted to instruction in Digidesign Pro Tools, and another Two weeks to hands-on sessions with a professional band.
This exciting yet affordable program is perfect for aspiring recording engineers, as well as musicians and creative individuals looking to supercharge the quality of their home recordings. Small group classes and a focus on personal attention are the cornerstones of this program. Gordon will be teaching the course himself. Classes are forming now.
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