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Steve Messina - Artist & Producer, Blow Up Hollywood
I've been a professional musician for over 20 years working as a songwriter/composer/producer. I've written music for PBS documentaries, ABC's 20/20 and CBS's hit show CSI: Miami. I've recorded 10 albums of my own and countless others for artists that I've produced. And in the majority of my studio sessions I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Gordon Davies as my Engineer and Co-Producer. I can say, unequivocally, that he is second to none when it comes to his craft. He is the definition of professional and brings a unique musical vision to every project. Gordon's ears should be enshrined in gold, his mind downloaded into a manual, and his passion encapsulated into a pill.
Juliana Riccardi – Recording Artist
My experiences with Gordon are ones I like to revisit often, both in mind and body. One, because they are experiences that have inspired my career- both musically and spiritually. Two, I know when to keep a good thing going. Singletrack Audio Solutions, Gordon’s studio, is a place I would highly reccommend investing time and money into if you are serious about creating music that is so utterly real and alive, while remaining undeniably professional. The man behind the magic is not only one of the coolest engineers I have ever met, but so cleverly insightful towards the artist, that you don't even realize the totality of the experience, until you're listening back in awe. Gordon has a skill far beyond recording and mixing. He is capable of taking YOUR message, YOUR style, and YOUR sound and pouring that into his super focused and motivational hours with you. I laughed, I relaxed, I played my heart out and felt extremely comfortable doing it all. Is there anything more to say?
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